Let it move you.
Let it move you.

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In May of 2008, Chris Cartelli met his wife-to-be at a music festival in Lafayette, GA.  The two quickly fell for each other, being that they had a common love of music.  Chris, a talented guitar player and musician, and Audi spent two years falling more in love with each other, at many different concerts, before he asked her to marry him.  She said yes.  This rock and roll couple were destined to make sweet music forever.



About two weeks after Chris and Audi were married, Chris was diagnosed with mediastinal testicular cancer. Being that the tumor metastasized in Chris's chest, he was first believed to have lymphoma. Chris bounced between many different doctors, all giving him different opinions, before he met Dr. Feldman at Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan. Dr. Feldman, an exceptional oncologist, offered Chris a spot in his clinical research trial which combats mediastinal testicular cancer. Chris was thankful for the offer and accepted. Although the treatment schedule was intense, and the combination of drugs were different than the typical chemotherapy used to fight testicular cancer, Chris came out on top. After four months, and two surgeries, Chris was officially in remission. Today he is not only an amazing husband and talented musician, he is also a cancer survivor.



Rocking Out Cancer Inc., the brainchild of Chris's sister Trisha, was founded in March of 2012. Chris, his family, and best friend, combined the love that Chris has for live music, with the most important achievement of his life. Rocking Out Cancer aims to help fund the same type of clinical research trials that saved Chris's life through Chris's favorite past time- live music events .  The power of music is indescribable. It can bring two people together, lift you up on a bad day, and empower you to keep improving. Rocking Out Cancer hopes to empower others in helping fight a disease that affects so many.



Let it move you.

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